Plant and Machinery

Processes Flow

Brintons produces carpets with Wool: Nylon blended fibres, which are imported from UK.
These fibres then flow thorough the 3 main processes and is thus converted to yarn in spinning, dyed in dyeing and then woven in carpet in the weaving section.

Major manufacturing stages in Brintons

Yarn Manufacturing

The loose fibres are imported in form of compressed bales. These bales are then opened and a high quality yarn is spun. Yarn manufacturing section consists of carding machines, Spinning frames, pre-winder, TFO, winding machines, carding willow, waste cutter, reeling machines and Stretch Wrap machine.


The yarn spun in Yarn Manufacturing section is grey yarn. For weaving into beautiful coloured designs this yarn needs to be dyed to precisely the required colour. Our state of art and modern Dye house section consists of colour kitchen, package dyeing machines, hydro extractors, hot air dryers, Acid dispensing system. The shades are checked in Spectrophotometer and passed accurately to the required shade.


The coloured yarn is then woven into beautiful carpets with the help of modern computer aided machines. Weaving section consist of 3.66 m, 0.27 m and 2 m wide looms, winding machines, card stamping, card lacing, beamer and bit winders.


The woven carpet is closely inspected by our trained Quality Inspectors. The carpet is top finished by shearing off the irregularities if any. It is then given a back coating of latex, which provides added strength to the piles in the carpet. Finishing consists of shearing machines, Picking tables and latexing machine.


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