Vasundhara Award

Brintons has undertaken a number of initiatives for protection of environment.

The Vasundhara Award organised by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) recognises industries and Urban local bodies who have made a significant contribution towards environmental conservation in the State of Maharashtra. 

Brintons awarded 2nd Prize in the Vasundhara Environment Awards 2019 by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.


Satish Karanjkar receiving the award and cash prize on behalf of Brintons Carpets Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Presented by the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra State Mr. Devendra Phadnavis.



Rain water harvesting

Brintons facility houses a number of buildings. All the rain water that gets collected on the rooftops of these buildings is diverted in an artificial pond built inside the premises. The water from this pond is used for our dyeing purpose.

Agricultural waste fuelled boiler

Brintons have migrated from the fossil fuel based Furnace oil fired to an environment friendly boiler which is fired by renewable resource ie Agricultural waste fired boiler. After the crops are harvested in the fields the remaining waste is then shredded and compressed in form of brickets. These are then burnt in the boiler to produce steam.


Tree Plantation

Brintons has done extensive tree plantation in its facility in India. In addition to what were already present, Brintons has planted over 1500 trees to improve the green cover of its campus.


Effluent Treatment Plant

Brintons has a dyehouse which uses water to dye the yarn. After dyeing this colored water is treated in a in-house 'Effluent Treatment plant', which removes all the harmful dyes and chemicals from the water. This clear water is then used for internal gardening. Thus Brintons helps in protecting the environment.


Algal treatment plant for RO reject.

After the water is cleaned in the 'Effluent treatment plant' its TDS has to be reduced. This output is passed through RO plant to clean the water further. The high TDS reject from the RO has to be treated by forced evaporation requiring steam and energy. But Brintons instead of that, uses a recent invented revolutionary and very environment friendly technology. This treatment uses bacteria and algae for reducing the TDS. The pilot plant is already set up and Brintons is working towards a full scale plant.


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